Anti Ageing Foods To Make Your Skin Look Younger

What you eat is what shows on your face!

There are numerous products for your face and body in the market that promise you remarkable anti ageing effects. However, what really matters is your lifestyle. While ageing is inevitable and beautiful, some people find it hard to accept the signs of ageing on their skin. You can definitely try out applying different products that promise make your skin look younger and wrinkle free but eating right is the secret to getting the perfectly younger looking skin. Foods that are high in anti inflammatory properties will keep the signs of ageing on your skin at bay. Here are a few foods that have anti ageing properties and give you a glowing youthful skin.

Green Tea

Green tea has multiple health benefits. It helps in reducing risks of heart diseases, neurological diseases and losing weight. Besides these benefits, green tea also has anti ageing properties and can help you with the signs of ageing on your skin. Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants that reduce the chances of premature damaging of cells. The polyphenols present in Green tea protects the skin from ageing factors like stressors, sun and pollution. It keeps your skin barrier strong and working for a long period of time, giving you a healthy and younger looking skin.

Dark Chocolate Or Cocoa

Who says that chocolate is not good for your skin? What’s not good or healthy for your skin is sugar. When you take away the sugar concentration from chocolates, you get dark chocolate and that has remarkable anti ageing properties. Dark chocolate has antioxidants like polyphenols. Moreover, they contain flavanols that has multiple health benefits. The polyphenols and flavanols protect your skin from radical damage keeping it young and healthy for a longer period of time. In fact, taking a cube of dark chocolate daily might even improve the health of your skin which is always a bonus point.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are again a rich source of antioxidants and therefore has superior anti ageing properties. Besides polyphenols, flax seeds also contain the omega 3 fatty acid that supports the skin membrane helping your skin to stay plump and hydrated. It protects that skin barrier from external harsh factors and gives you healthier and younger skin. The antioxidants lignans present in flax seeds also contribute in reducing the signs of ageing on your skin.

Urbee Sarkar

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