Anti-COVID: Tips to strengthen your immune system in monsoons

From making improvements in your diet to simple lifestyle changes and from maintaining proper hygiene to developing a positive attitude – Check out these top tips for strengthening your immune system in monsoons.

The ongoing monsoon season, along with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching its peak in India, is posing a significant health hazard for everyone. In such times, it is essential to build immunity by focussing on your overall health regime.

Though easier said than done, bolstering your immunity can be achieved by several lifestyle and dietary changes that can strengthen your body’s natural defence against seasonal diseases, as well as the Corona Virus.

Tip1 #NourishYourBody

A healthy diet intake is a sure shot way to boost your body’s ability to fight diseases. Apart from a balanced diet, daily intake of Vitamin C in the form of fruits or tablets, as well as turmeric milk is something that has been regularly advised by health specialists to keep COVID-19 and other viral and bacterial infections at bay. 


Tip2 #ExerciseRegularly

Regular practice of Yoga and daily exercise can do wonders to your immune system. One of the essential pillars of healthy living, exercising improves cardiovascular health, keeps body weight in check, lowers blood pressure and prepares your body to ward off seasonal infections and diseases. 


Tip3 #StayHydrated

Drink plenty of fluids and recommended dosage of water regularly, especially during the flu season. With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no sign of subsiding, its essential to up your immunity by staying hydrated at all times to stave off diseases. Most of the illness-causing bacteria, virus and toxins can be eliminated from the body naturally by drinking plenty of water. 


Tip4 #ManageStress

Managing anxiety and relieving stress is instrumental for good immune health. Prolonged psychological stress can cause inflammation, as well as imbalances in immune cell function in both adults and children. Keep your stress levels in control through practices like Yoga, meditation and exercise, and give a boost to your immunity. 


Tip5 #GetAdequateSleep

The effect of sleep on the immune system is a medically proven fact. Researchers have shared how immune cells known as T Cells showed improvement after a night of sound sleep, making you better prepared to fight diseases. In people who get inadequate sleep, stress hormone inhibits the effective functioning of T Cells. Hence, it’s essential for an adult to have at least 7 hours of sleep for better health, well being, and boosted immunity. 


You can follow these simple tips and introduce the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to strengthen immunity and maintain good health in monsoons. These include following a well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, getting proper sleep, and managing the stress levels. Build your immune system and step towards a healthy and disease-free living. 

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