Published By: Sougata Dutta

Apricot - The High Nutritional Values

Eat fruits and drink water and make your day better than yesterday

Fruits are supposed to be a part of everyday life. Our ancestors kept fruits and vegetables in their food habits apart from meat and other things on an everyday basis. Nowadays most people avoid fruits and vegetables a great amount and think that they could make it up with some other substrates. But in reality, if you avoid fruits you will be avoiding plenty of nutrients and vitamins coming from them. Apricots are a great source of antioxidants and a lot of other nutrients as well. The nutritional values are high if you keep them in your everyday diet, it can help you to improve your health drastically.

Eye care - improvement

This yellow American Plum plays a good role in keeping your eyes healthy. Vitamin A is capable of preventing several problems and one of them is blindness due to low light or nighttime. It can develop the light pigments in your eyes to overcome this situation. Apart from that Vitamin E, Zeaxanthin and Lutein can protect your retina and lenses from outside fat radicals and oxidative pressures.

Antioxidants - huge in number

As it can solve the problem of obesity, it must come up with so many good vitamins and other compounds. High antioxidants can keep your heart safe and prevent diseases like diabetes. The flavonoids present in this small fruit can free you from big diseases like inflammation and other chronic situations.

Gut health - an important edition

Gut bacterias play an important role in preventing obesity. There are two kinds of fibre present in Apricot. Both of them help in controlling blood sugar and also help to maintain cholesterol. The digestive system is well maintained if you can only eat one Apricot every day.

Hydration and minerals - present in this fruit

If your body is hydrated enough, you won't have to worry about blood pressure, heart rate, or the health of your joints. Apricot helps to keep your body hydrated which helps the nutrients and minerals to flow properly throughout your body. Apart from that, this fruit is enriched with potassium in a good amount, which helps to improve nerve signal flow and regulates the receptors smoothly.

Skin care - handle with care

Skincare is another perk of eating this fruit. It is a good opportunity to polish your skin and keep it healthy by eating without applying any chemicals to your face. This can save your skin from so many diseases, mainly skin cancer and environmental hazards.

So add apricot to your daily routine and keep yourself healthy.