Architectural Landmarks To See In Stockholm

Here are some stunning architectural marvels to see in Stockholm.

Stockholm is the picturesque Swedish capital that is known for its gorgeous scenery and rich history. It has something for everyone and is a hub for all things arts, education and industry. There are also many cultural attractions. What’s more, it is home to some stunning architectural marvels you probably won’t find anywhere else in the world. So for your holiday in Stockholm don’t forget to add the following architectural landmarks to your must-see list.

The Royal Palace

Now, this is a sight that will not disappoint. The Royal Palace is reportedly one of Europe’s largest. It is also the king’s official residence. It was built by the architect Nicodemus Tessi in the Baroque style. It is a marvellous place that needs to be seen to be appreciated. What’s even more impressive is that it has three museums and almost 600 rooms.

Stockholm Public Library

The Stockholm Public Library was opened in 1928. It was designed by Gunnar Asplund. The stunning building allows you to get a good sense of the Nordic Classicist architecture style. It is a simple geometric design that comprises a round hall on a square plinth.

City Hall

City Hall is probably one of the most popular buildings in Sweden. Around eight million red bricks were used to make this beautiful building. It also features a spire that bears the Swedish national coat of arms. It was designed by Ragnar Östberg. It is also the place where the Nobel Prize banquet is held every year.

Ericsson Globe

The Ericsson Globe is the largest hemispherical building on Earth. The marvel was designed by Berg Arkitektkontor AB. This modern structure was first opened in 1989 and the venue has hosted many sporting and musical events.

Royal Swedish Opera

The Royal Swedish Opera, also known as KungligaOperan, is Sweden’s venue for opera and ballet. It was designed by Axel Anderberg and opened in 1898. It was designed in the neoclassical style.

Stockholm Cathedral

This Stockholm Cathedral was built in 1279. This medieval building houses many historical artworks. The 1489 sculpture St. George and the Dragon and the 1636 Vädersolstavlan painting are among the stunning works of art you will find here. The royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel was also held in this church back in 2010.

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