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The benefits of online learning were always there, but the COVID-19 pandemic only highlighted them before us.


No discredit to the traditional form of teaching, but it is quite linear and one-dimensional. A teacher in a class lectures you on a topic to the best of his knowledge and ability. If you get it in one go, well and good, if not, it’s gone in the thin air. There is no record of it, and you can’t revisit it.

Likewise, there are not that many illustrations or visual aids to help students better understand a particular topic. With online learning, there are video clips and tutorials for each topic which not only divide the course neatly but also make learning more palatable for the students.

At the same time, these innovative techniques also help students focus better and keep themselves entertained while gaining knowledge.


In physics, young students are taught efficiency under the title of energy. A machine is considered to be the most efficient if its output is closest to the amount of energy used in the input. Due to friction and loss of heat, the amount of output can never be equal to or greater than the input. However, if it is somewhere close to 90%, you have achieved your goal.

Likewise, in online learning as well, the amount of effort put in by the coach is very close to the learning which one can draw out of it.

You don’t need any transport. You don’t have to reach anywhere. Not dress up or carry a lunch box. Just log in on your phone, tablet or laptop and bingo, there is a vast world of knowledge waiting for you.


In the traditional form of education, if a class is scheduled at 9 a.m., you have to be there at 9 a.m. If you make it at 10:30 a.m., the teacher will be gone by then.

However, when it comes to online learning, with every piece of information stored, you can always view and review it at the time of your convenience.

If you are the type of student who wants to study late at night, the teacher doesn’t really have to be up for you and deliver a lecture at 2 a.m. at night. You can easily see a recorded lecture and get the same benefit as you would have while watching it live.

Online learning has thus ensured that education has not only reached your doorstep, but it has reached your doorstep at your convenience as well.

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