Published By: Ahvana Paul

Are you a dedicated bookworm? 5 book related accessories you should definitely get if you are

Are you a bookworm at heart? If you find yourself nodding to the above question, then one thing you must have considered doing is also indulging in book-related accessories, which are fun to use and useful and will facilitate your reading experience. Here are some things that you can consider getting!


Though this may sound obvious, it is also agreeably one of the most important things. Folding the pages, if you are a true book connoisseur seems like a crime. There are of course traditional handmade bookmarks, sometimes even ones you can print and create at home, which you can use! Now, however, what has also become a common trend, and often a very worthy gift as well as something useful are magnetic bookmarks. These are useful, don’t create any marks on the page, and are metal- so not so easily lost. It has become a popular item now, and is available in different colours and designs, in all bookshops, stationery shops etc. These are therefore a must-have for bookworms!


Bookplates or Ex-libris are printed and decorative labels pasted onto a book, on the front end paper to indicate one’s ownership of the book. Though sticking things might not sound acceptable to you, do not hesitate to make one bookplate for yourself and at least place it in your book. These come in many designs, and have an old-world charm, and will add a certain classiness to your books! Though earlier used primarily to serve a practical purpose for those individuals or institutions lending titles or making their library public, for you- if you plan on doing neither of these, this could be a quaint, vintage decorative item, that could help you make your distinctive mark as a reader. Sounds aesthetic, doesn’t it? These are also easy to make online, and can be printed out by you at home itself!

Book Lights

Are you somebody, who is just dying to curl up in bed and spend the day reading, without doing much? Well, then this light is for you. These are cheap and easily available. Book lights are mini-lamp-like lights that you can clip onto your book and read your book. They illuminate it for you. This way, it is just you and your book, and good for reading even in a dark room, in case you are sharing the room with someone, and does to an extent minimize distraction. These are convenient easy to use, and adjustable for eye protection. Not only that, but they are also very cute, and therefore nice accessories to possess!  

Book lamps

 Another thing that you can consider buying is a book lamp, which is a decorative item. These are lamps shaped like books, and all you have to do is charge it and then open it. Inside, there are pages, which light up, the moment you open it, giving it a real appeal of a book! It is a fun item of decoration to keep, and is extremely useful as well!

Stylized shelves and bookstands

 Invest in a bookshelf or bookstand where you can keep your growing collection! These days, one can access a whole variety of bookshelves and bookstands, which have different styles. These include straight bookshelves, a tree bookshelf, or books placed amidst two vintage bookends- these not only make your reading experience more fun, but also light up your room give it a character, and make it more according to your aesthetic.