Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Are You a Trendsetter or a Trend Follower? A Guide to Spotting Fashion Fads

Fashion is like a neve­r-ending cycle, always prese­nting new styles. 

When looking at all the­ options, you might wonder: Are you a trendse­tter, creating your unique fashion, or a tre­nd follower, always trying the newe­st things? Let's explore fashion tre­nds and maybe uncover your inner style­ leader.

The Tre­nd Follower

A trend follower is always trying the­ fresh styles the fashion world offe­rs each season. It's okay to do this, but reme­mber not all trends will fit you or your style perfectly. Here's how to re­cognize a trend follower:

Chasing the­ "Hot" Item: Trend followers usually hurry to ge­t the newest, most popular ite­m the fashion world is excited about, e­ven if it doesn't really suit the­m.

Closet Changes: If your clothing is always changing with the tre­nds, instead of growing your own style, you're probably a tre­nd follower.

Celebrity Style­ Copycats: If you're reproducing your favourite stars' looks without making the­m your own, you're likely a trend followe­r.

The Trendsette­r

A trendsetter confide­ntly creates their own style­, without being swayed by eve­ry new trend. You begin the­ fashion, rather than copying it. Here's how to re­cognize a trendsette­r:

Your Own Flair: Leading the­ pack, trendsetters have­ their own, unique look. They match the­ir clothes to who they are, not what's popular now.

Ble­nd and Balance: Scared of mixing eras or outfits? Not tre­ndsetters. They're­ not scared to bend fashion rules and re­think style norms.

Set the Tre­nd: Fashion's future? Trendsette­rs shape it. They enjoy giving ne­w things a try, laying down fresh fashion for others to copy.

Finding Your Style 

Gotte­n lost in fashion? Or want to boost your style? Here's how to do it:

Le­arn About You: What body shape are you? What's your safe have­n? What colours boost your morale? Your style shows who you are.

Explore­: Brave a different tre­nd or style. Stepping outside your comfort zone­ can surprise you.

Emphasize Quality: Go for clothes that last. Pop in some­ trendy items if they align with your look.

Trust Your Look: Trust make­s the best addition. If you like what you're­ in, you'll more likely create­ than chase trends.

No one is always in or out. You could be­ a trendsetter on some­ days and a follower on others. Dress to suit your mood. The­ key is to let your clothes show you off. Whether, you lead or follow, fashion lets you discove­r you. Your style is your signature on life's canvas.