Published By: Satavisha

Are You A Victim Of Digital Eye Strain? Tips That Can Protect Your Eyes From Damage

Digital eye strain is perhaps nothing you pay attention to, until it adversely impacts your vision, and that is when it becomes impossible to notice.

In modern work life, we often find ourselves staring at a computer screen for 11 to 12 hours every day. In addition, we spend approximately 5 hours every day looking at the screens of our smartphones and tablets. It is unfortunate that our peepers were not designed for experiencing such strain. But the blue light emitted by all the devices can be harmful to your eyes. Let us look at some tips to help you give your strained eyes the care they deserve.

Do not place the monitor by the window.

When working on a laptop or computer, additional light can cause discomfort. Do not place your laptop or computer by the window because the light from the outside will reflect on the screen of your device and cause strain to your eyes. In case you are near a source of outdoor light, make sure the light is not very bright. If needed, draw the curtains or opt for an anti-glare screen.

Follow the 20/20/20 rule.

Your eyes are not designed to stare at blue screens all day. So consider incorporating the 20/20/20 rule into your routine—to give your peepers the much-needed break from the seemingly continuous screen gazing. This rule necessitates looking into the screen for 20 minutes, then looking at something 20 feet away for a duration of 20 seconds.

Diminish glare

Glare on your device’s screen can strain your eyes by preventing your peepers from quickly adjusting to the content you are looking at. You should consider using an anti-glare matte screen instead of opting for glass-covered LCDs to reduce glare. In addition, if you wear glasses, ensure your lenses feature an anti-reflective coating.

Adjust the monitor’s height.

The screen of your monitor should ideally be 5 to 9 inches below your sight’s horizontal line. You should be looking at the screen of the monitor in a straight line. Adjust the height of the monitor based on the height of your table and how much you can comfortably bend your neck to face the screen.

Blink more

When you are looking at a screen, you are unconsciously blinking less than you usually do. Blinking is essential for our peepers because it helps moisten them, eliminating dryness and irritation. If you are not blinking frequently, the tears will quickly evaporate, causing dry eyes—which often leads to digital eye strain. You should blink at least ten times in 20 minutes.

Give your eyes a break from screen time and pamper them.