Are you skin fasting correctly?

The dos and don’ts of skin fasting that involves cutting down on excessive skincare

It is a blessing to be able to keep our skin away from the harsh sunlight and give it a much-needed break from lengthy skincare routines. Called Skin fasting, this process is about minimizing the usage of skincare products to give your skin a break and letting it breathe. As the use of too many products on a daily basis may block the skin pores, so let it regenerate and repair itself.

Keep it clean

However, cosmetologists warn that it doesn’t mean depriving the skin of basic care like a cleansing. It is something that should not be avoided at any cost. Experts are of the idea that one should do cleansing every day with an added element to detoxify the skin further. That you can do by using peel powder of orange, lemon, or pomegranate. So remember, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are essential, irrespective of skin fasting.

Do so, as per skin type

But, the most important pint to keep in mind while practising skin fasting is to proceed as per your skin type. While completely withdrawing all skincare can cause the skin to suffer, people with dry skin will start noticing flaking. As far as oily skin is concerned, experts opine that the person needs to avoid practising skin fasting.

Love thy skin

 Also, be aware of the fact if the product used is not suiting you, then better fast than be sorry. To begin with, test the products your skin falls in love with and what it rejects. Experts here recommend at the least, using a mild face wash and gentle moisturizer. It is advisable to follow this practice only for a week.

Home remedies

Though skin fasting is about taking a break from the gruelling care routine, cosmetologist advice using products from your pantry. You can make a cooling skin toner using mint and lemon juice and is the best remedy for summer. Remember to use mint juice by crushing and straining it, never boil the mint. It is one of the most cooling and hydrating toners for any skin type.

Dry skin? Do this

 Dealing with dry skin, wherein there is not enough natural oil formation in the skin, a natural toner with rose or hibiscus petals and an emollient like glycerin works wonders. This gives dry skin the necessary hydration making it glow naturally. In fact, using fermented rice water to wash the face is beneficial as it’s loaded with vitamins that improve the skin texture.

No doubt that the skin has to be cleaned, moisturized, and pores closed. But the larger picture to look at in skin fasting is to move towards using vegan and organic products while restricting the use of chemical products.