Art of Choosing a Career, Things to Consider

A tricky yet important decision, doing the job you excel at and are passionate about is indispensable to sustain and thrive in the long run

Choosing a career can be exciting for some while daunting for others. Besides compensation, perks, industry growth and status quo, a few decisive factors to consider before you settle for a job.

Assessing Your Skills

Evaluate your skills and interests that could be further polished and improved in the long run to yield better returns. This is a far better strategy than opting for something completely alien with the unrealistic expectations to perform mediocre at it and earn a below-average salary after competing with lakhs. Observe your capabilities and potentials to identify the sectors where they will be in demand. The plan will guide you to a flourishing career path.

Checking Course Availability

Every institution may not have the infrastructure to offer the course or provide excellent facilities—placement, training, faculties etc., and, therefore, you need to be practical about the feasibility of pursuing the degree utilising the resources at disposal. Another pertinent factor is to understand if the related job will fall obsolete in the coming years. Since we are witnessing paradigm shifts in workplaces and bombardment of technology, predicting and anticipating future trends that retain potential to disrupt employment and the economy is paramount. After all, nobody should sign up for a job profile that offers little security and mental calm and is constantly on the verge of falling apart.

Using Market Survey

Navigate the market to obtain real-time data predicting job growth and shifting trends in the years to come before you select a domain. Besides conducting thorough research, use your contacts—friends, seniors, peers and professors etc., to gauge the extent to which the relevant jobs are projected to mushroom. Besides online and in-person networking, frequenting career websites, career counselling sessions, job fairs, recruitment agencies and corporate firms for internships might be pretty insightful. If your interests are inclined towards a certain field, bagging an internship opportunity will lend practical and hands-on knowledge about the sector. It will replenish you with business contacts and updates about your preferred industry.

Charting Future Goals

In all candour, it takes decades to tick off long-term goals while for others only a couple of years to do so. Capital amassment is directly proportionate to industry growth. If you have big dreams and goals to achieve, the idea should be to realistically approach the job market that will assist you in taking the risky financial plunges and investments to achieve milestones.

Puja Sinha

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