Art to strengthen your mental health

Just a pen and a paper, and you are set for a creative healing

In the midst of deadlines, achieve a healthy body and mind; one often is on the look out to break free of restrictions. According to experts, there is nothing better than doing so creatively. Studies have proven that drawing or any form of art is said to be effective in treating anxiety, depression, and stress. Art therapy has psychological as well as a spiritual therapeutic outcome on a person.

Zentangle Art
A drawing method was invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas with the noble cause of making drawing meditative and accessible. In a square, measuring 3.5’inches draw with freehand, designs and patterns using a light pencil. Further, draw into the designs creating patterns and some free spaces. The idea is to encourage organic creation allowing room for human error and erasing is against the rules. Traditionally, Zentangles are always black and white but you can throw in colours.

Finger painting
Kind of a fun activity it is mostly advised for kids but research has proved that it evokes one’s sensory play. Painting with fingers dipped in hues of red, orange and blue, it helps the body and brain integrate information. The reason it is considered as one of the most relaxing and creative ways to express feelings without having to use words. It jostles our fine motor senses as we are in direct touch of colours and drawing energy from our self, stimulating creativity and imagination.

Mandala Art
Derived from an ancient Sanskrit word signifying circle, it is a form of psychotherapy. One is required to draw geometric patterns that help in restoring a sense of healthy mental balance. Not just an artistic expression as mandalas represents the wholeness of life, unity, and the world in which we exist. A circle within a circle, many find mandala techniques to be powerful for containing fear, anxiety, or anger. While for some, it is self-soothing and connects them within. Fun Fact: Each mandala represents the emotional state of the artist.

The joy is unmatched when you dirty our hands in clay molding it, bringing to life different shapes. For its vast scope of creativity, it has time and again proven to be beneficial for physical as well as mental health. This art form offers an outlet to release restricting emotions like grief.  It helps with self-expression, bolsters confidence, and self-esteem. With the rotation of the wheel, hand, and mind holding the clay, the focused molding kicks in the creative spirit as being focusing on something helps the mind relax and expand. After all, it is this sense of touch that results in reducing stress.

While you have various other physical activities to divert your mind, getting involved creatively helps in an emotional building. So let those creative juices flow and indulge in some art therapy. Who knows, you might end up finding your calling.

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