Artificial Intelligence: How much do you know about it?

Artificial intelligence is a buzzword in technology. It seems fancy and convincing. We think we know about it even if we are not much into tech stuff. But there seems to be an enigma around it. Every tech biggie makes a new announcement on the AI research going on in their firm and making our jaws drop with some fantastic technical wizardly reflected in their products.  To understand it better, let's start with the basics.

Simplifying AI

Artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, works on imitating human intelligence in a machine. So, it becomes a smart machine, assessing the user behaviour and making the relevant data available to the user, which is why your smartphone searches can connect to the exact infotainment in the form of videos, search results, and music that we love to follow. Therefore your phone really is smart enough to work on algorithms, identifying your intelligence and indulging you with bespoke entertainment. Now you know why our phones have become our best companions, and we can't seem to get things right without them.

AI is all around us

Move a step ahead and look closely around you. Do you have a smart speaker that works on your instructions? Knows your favourite tracks, reads the news, sets up alarms and also switches your lights, fans, TV and all connected items at your order? Great! You have just located a device working on artificial intelligence around you. This smart speaker connects itself to the cloud-based service and provides information at your beck and call. You also find it integrated into your smartphone at times.

Widening the Technology Horizon

The research and development around AI is getting better with each passing day. The computers are getting better capable of solving a complex problem independently.

AI technology is heavily used by all your social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and also by the major search engine providers like Google and Yahoo. The main source of revenue generated through this technology is generated through the advertisements which in turn are connected to their target customer. And when you start believing in coincidences, it's only computer programming making it possible.

If you are reading this article on the web, there are chances that you have been directed to this article by AI technology. Talk about reading your mind; well, science has got you covered!