Arvind’s Glory Ride to Dakar Rally

Arvind KP is a name that demands more recognition for his accomplishments in the nation’s motorsport history is unmatchable

Arvind KP is a name that majority of Indians and the world are not aware of. In the history of motorsport, he has reached a height which needs to be honoured and praised. Unfortunately, the dearth of monetary encouragement from the government and individual sponsors is jeopardizing the capability of India’s motorsport. Yet, racers like Arvind KP do not pay heed and fight for their dreams. So, who exactly is Arvind KP? KP is a rally racer from India who has successfully finished the coveted Dakar Rally race in 2019.

KP’s quest as a rider began at his tender age when he used to sneak out to ride his old man’s scooter. In 2005, he started to pursue his dream of turning into a racer. Gradually, he moved up in the racing world to establish himself as one of the best rally racers from India.

So far, the racer has bagged 17 national titles, which also consist of the precarious and challenging Raid de Himalayan course in 2015. Some notable wins among the list of accolades include:

  • Gulf Dirt Track National Champion (2007)
  • MRF Supercross National Champion (2009, 2010 & 2011)
  • 1st Runner Up- Sri Lanka Championship Series (2010)
  • Runner Up- Desert Storm (2016)

From the state of Karnataka, KP was a swimmer during his formative days winning several medals in that sport. However, the then young boy KP witnessed a supercross race at Manipal and got heavily influenced by C Vijay Kumar (former racer). After competing in several races and winning them, KP’s capability was recognized by TVS Sherco’s rally racing team. The rider was chosen to represent the side in 2017.

In 2017, KP with motorcycle number 48 took part for the first time in the Dakar Rally. However, the rider broke his wrist in the second stage and his shoulder in the third stage, which compelled him to depart early. KP’s second year in the Dakar Rally was unfortunate as he cracked his ankle in the fifth stage and retired.

Due to injuries in 2018, Arvind went through several surgeries in 2019 which put his place in the rally team at peril. However, the racer with his will power did not pay heed to the injuries and sealed a position in the team. KP’s third stint at the Dakar Rally turned out to be glorious as the rider finished at the 37th place and engraved India’s name at the Dakar.

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