Ashwin’s bunnies in Tests

The batsman whom Ravichandran Ashwin has troubled the most in test cricket is Australia’s David Warner. Warner has been dismissed 10 times by the off spinner.

10 David Warner

The only time that David Warner came up against Ravichandran Ashwin on India’s recent test tour of Australia was in the 3rd test match of the 4 match series at Sydney. Warner did not last long enough to face Ashwin in the first innings as he was caught by Cheteshwar Pujara in the slips off Mohammed Siraj for just 5.

In the second innings, Warner was able to get set and was looking good. Although he did not get a lot of runs, he had played 28 deliveries for his 13 runs and was beginning to take the bowling on. This is when Ajinkya Rahane brought in Ravichandran Ashwin and the off spinner did not disappoint.

Ashwin trapped Warner in front of the wickets to give India a big breakthrough. This was the 10th time that Ashwin had dismissed David Warner in test cricket. Given that the left hander is one of the greatest openers in modern cricket, with over 7000 runs from 86 matches at an average of close to 50, it is astonishing how easily Ashwin dismisses the prolific left-hander almost every time he comes up against the batsman.

9 Alastair Cook

Another batting great, Alastair Cook had his fair share of trouble against Ravichandran Ashwin. Cook not only struggled against Ashwin in India but also found it very hard to score against the off spinner in the conditions of England.

In the last series of the former England captain as well, he wasn’t able to find an answer to Ashwin’s quizzing deliveries. On multiple occasions, Ashwin bowled from round the wickets as he often does against left handers. The bowler bowled classical off spinners which pitched on middle and turned to off or outside off.

At times, it beat the bat and rattled his stumps. At other times, it took the edge and was caught by either the keeper or the first slip. The masterful bowler that Ashwin is, sometimes he landed the ball on the seam to ensure that it does not spin, which is when the lbw came into play.

9 Ben Stokes

Like Cook, Ben Stokes too hasn’t been able to get the better of Ravichandran Ashwin till now in test cricket. He is almost a sitting duck against Ashwin as was evident in the four match test series between India and England recently.

The off spinner has also dismissed Ed Cowan and James Anderson seven times each in test cricket.

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