Astrological Books You Must Read

Fan of sun signs? Here are some books you should read.

Not all bookworms feed on the same genre. Some like spicy dramas to read, some read-only to get their facts checked. There is nothing like a good astrology piece to decipher the zodiacs when understanding people better. You must have come across numerous authors selling under the name of astrology. Here are the best ones to make a part of your personal collection.

The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need

Author- Joanna Martine Woolfolk

As bold as the title is, the book definitely lives up to the name. It has everything you need to know about astrology. Starting from the apparent 12 sun signs to instructions on reading a birth chart will leave every beginner graduate like a pro in just one read.

Astrology For The Soul

Author- Jan Spiller

What if I told you that astrology has the answer to the purpose of your life. This book gives you meaning to your life by studying the nodes. You can overcome your barriers and achieve goals to the full potential ones you know what you really want from your life.

Planets In Transit: Life Cycles For Living By-

Author- Robert Hand

You might have picked up an astrology book at some point in life, but the language and style must have confused you to the core, and you had left the whole idea of trying to understand it. With this book, you don’t have to think about that. The accessible language and understanding will make you fall in love with the subject instantly.

Astrology: Using The Wisdom Of The Stars In Your Everyday Life

Author- Carole Taylor

This book is designed to take you through narrative astrology. You will learn about astrology and that too while enjoying the colourful pages of the book. The concise writing and beautiful imageries give you a vivid perspective of astrology that moves beyond words. This is the book that every astrology lover will want at the centre of their table.

Chart Interpretation Handbook: Guidelines For Understanding The Essentials Of Birth Chart

Author- Stephen Arroyo

If you have ever seen a birth chart and got confused at the maize of letters, this book will get your perspective right. You will be able to make the chart for anyone you know with the right inputs once you have the text in your hand.

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