Attention Ladies: Forget these fashion rules when you hit the 40s

There are no rules and age for looking trendy and stylish.

In our teens and 20s, we experiment a lot with our look. It’s bohemian chic one day and stylish formal the other. We are not afraid to express ourselves in terms of our looks and style. But as we move towards the 30s, we subdue ourselves, and that is reflected very well in our style. And by the time we hit the big four, we embrace the grab, matronly look because they are some unsaid fashion rules that we are supposed to follow. So, before you restock your wardrobe and style according to what other’s think of your age, hear us out. Remember, the 40s are the new 20s.

Avoid short skirts and dresses.

There is absolutely no rule that says that you should avoid short skirts and dresses just because they are not age-appropriate. Instead, you just need the right attitude and a bit of confidence. If you feel that legs are not your best feature, pair up your dress or skirt with tights or stocking.

Cut your hair short.

Many times, in order to look younger, it is advised to cut your hair in a bob, pixie haircut. If you have long and healthy-looking tresses, then don’t hide them in a boring bun. And please don’t be pressured to chop them short. Try on new and trendy hairstyles.

Colouring your hair.

Don’t be ashamed of your age and, most importantly, greys. Embrace them with panache and style. If grey suits you, it makes you look more distinguished, then why colour them unnecessary.

Wear black more often to look thinner.

This is the biggest fashion misconception people harbour is one should invest in monochromatic colours in their wardrobe in their 40s. Some say it because it makes one look thinner. First of all, you should not worry a lot about looking thinner; you are perfect just the way you are. Moreover, going all black with your wardrobe can make you look older than you actually are. Wear different colours that make your face pop up.

Trendy clothes are for young people.

There is nothing that says that trendy clothes can only be worn by people of a certain age. It all depends on how you define your personal style. Sometimes even young people love wearing sophisticated and timeless style. Do add trendy trinkets in your wardrobe from time to time to spice up your look.

So, don’t accept anyone’s definition of style. Be yourself even when you are 40, 50 or 100!

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