Published By: Satavisha

Attractive Color Combinations You Should Use To Create An Eye-catching Logo For Your Organization

The emotion and power of color are incredible tools to form an identity for your brand and how the audience recognizes it.

You might have spent hours designing a logo for your brand, fine-tuning the shape and typography. But now it is time to determine the color combination of your logo. Designing the best logo for your organization or brand can be daunting for a new business venture. And the most difficult part of that project involves choosing the color combination for the logo that will define and shape the identity of your brand in the years to come. Below are some attractive color combinations that experts suggest using to create a logo that will stand out.

Black and Gold

Do you want a color combination for your logo that creates a classy yet powerful brand identity? There is no better combination than black and gold to represent sophistication and power. Pair these elegant colors to create a timeless brand, and this combination is a brilliant choice for jewelry and clothing brands.

Blue and Pink

This color palette communicates dependability, warmth, and trustworthiness—pink and blue work incredibly as contrasting backgrounds, and you may use black and white text to create a striking logo. Pair them to design a confident brand logo that knows no boundaries.

Emerald and Green

This classic color combination is typically used by companies in the food and beverage sector. You may have seen these colors on the logos of popular fast-food chains like Starbucks, Subway, and more. The green in these logos stand for natural products, and this color combination is revered by numerous companies in this industry.

Peach and Orange

This monochromatic and peachy color combination symbolizes exuberance. If you are against the idea of using multiple colors in your logo, you should consider using various tones of the same hue to add depth. If you want to be cheeky and playful, add peach and orange to your brand logo or icon.

White and Red

When white and red are combined, they make pink, but when these colors are juxtaposed against each other, they create a dramatic result. We often see red and white in lighthouses and stop signs, and they grab our attention instantly. To stimulate your memory, we have mentioned some classic white and red brand logos: CNN, Coca-Cola, Canon, and many more.

We hope this guide helps you to design a harmonious logo for your brand.