Auroville- the city of Dawn

The region of global unity is Auroville. 

The city is between Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. It is a township project for international unity with flourishing art and culture from different parts of this world. Auroville has a studio where people from places like Asia, Europe, North America and South America come together and bring a change in human unity.

Let us learn more about the city of dawn.

Marissa Alfasa was the founder of AurovilleIn the year, 1968 a society was set up to understand human unity by 300 followers of Marissa Alfasa. She was a yogi who wanted to make an experimental town to realise the transformation of consciousness. The city is also known as the City of Dawn as “Auro” in Auroville is “Dawn” in French.

Auroville is a place where youth never ages. People living here are free from any complexities of this world. This place has all the facilities including a research centre, an auditorium, farms, restaurants, etc., along with different skill. In Auroville, there is peace and tranquillity in the environment that holds you to the place.

It is an adult playgroundAround 3000 residents from more than 50 countries live here in harmony. This city initially was designed to hold 50,000 residents from around the world. Auroville is a place to promote universal unity and equality among all, to build a better world. People who do not believe in the concept of discrimination are welcomed here with open hearts.

Matrimandir is a place of worship for allThe concept of one religion does not exist in Auroville. The

residents of Auroville serve humanity and truth. Matrimandir is not a place for prayers or incense but meditation. Absolute silence is the only rule in the premise of Matrimandir. It is a golden globe-like structure that took almost 37 years to build it. It is just like a dome-like meditation chamber with immense peace and serenity.

It is a cashless society. Auroville runs on the contribution received from various countries and organisations such as the UN and UNESCO. Residents of this city receive the same salary every month, irrespective of their designation. Services such as apartments, food, electricity and health care are for free. In Auroville, people go cashless most of the time as there is no exchange of money here.

Auroville belongs to humanity on the whole. It is a society with no particular owner. To live here, you must let go of the thought of religion, caste, politics and many other concepts that holds you behind from serving the divine consciousness.

This city stands to reconnect society with their essential and foundational needs. 

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