Author Ben Brooks novels best for children and adults

Right from his sentence formation to characterization, all is captivating

Award-winning author Ben Brooks is popularly known for the bestselling and ground-breaking book Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different. This book of Brooks won him the Children’s Book of the Year at the National Book Awards. However, his first novel is The Impossible Boy. The Berlin-based author is also the recipient of the 2014 Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize for Lolito, the 2015 Somerset Maugham Award for Lolito and the 2018 British National Book Award as ‘Children’s Book of the Year’ for Stories For Boys Who Dare to Be Different. So here is presenting to you a list of books by Ben Brooks you didn’t know about.


An unconventional love story, this novel revolves around a 15-year-old boy Etgar Allison, who is different from the rest, finds solace in the arms of a middle-aged woman on the Internet. However, one day while spending spring break alone in an empty house, he learns that his girlfriend has cheated on him. Heartbroken, lonely, and on top of living without parental supervision, Etgar turns to alcohol. Swimming in his sorrows and surfing through the Internet, he lands in an adult chatroom. There he meets Macy, a bored but attractive housewife. Soon after begins a roller coaster ride. Making you ask, what could possibly go wrong?

An Island of Fifty

This fiction novel by the author is highly praised and loved by the readers for its beautifully constructed sentences, captivating the audience with its subject matter. The novel is a compilation of the author’s unique and inspired prose, through which he effectively shines a mirror on modern life. This work of Brooks’ has been hailed as a literary bomb.


As the name suggests, the book is an attempt at showing what happens when the art of poetry and the art of the novel come into a scenario of a head-on collision. Through the literary speech, the author tells the story in flashes and fragments of a Russian girl, a librarian, and an Italian man’s mysterious wife and their hopeless car trip across Europe.

A few other Ben Brooks novels to read are Grow Up, The Kasahara School of Nihilism, Upward Coast, and Sadie, Everyone Gets Eaten, Hurra, Stories For Boys Who Dare to Be Different, Stories For Boys Who Dare to be Different 2, Stories For Kids Who Dare to be Different, The Impossible Boy, and The Greatest Inventor. Brooks’ first non-fiction book for adults is titled Things They Don’t Want You To Know.

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