AutoBiz: Motorcycle Joint Ventures in India

Today, if the Indian motorcycle industry has become one of the biggest motorcycle industries in the world; it is

because of the joint ventures between the Indian brand and the foreign manufacturers
As we all know, the Indian motorcycle industry is one of the biggest motorcycle industries in the world. Today, Indian motorcycle brands are leaving their marks in the foreign markets. However, a majority of their prosperity is because of the efforts put by several foreign brands with whom the Indian brands collaborated years ago. In this feature, we have listed some of the joint ventures that took place in the Indian two-wheeler industry.

Bajaj-KTM- This is one of the most historic joint ventures in the Indian motorcycle industry that served the Indian motorcycle enthusiasts with ideal streetfighter naked motorcycle. In 2007, Bajaj purchased 14.5 per cent of KTM Power Sports AG’s stakes. In return, the Indian brand received the knowledge of making motorcycles that are more premium in nature. Due to the collaboration, India received its first proper streetfighter motorcycle, the Duke 200. A year later, Bajaj launched the NS200, which was a more affordable version of the Duke 200. Since the collaboration, Bajaj has become a major affordable sports motorcycle manufacturer in the country.

TVS-BMW- Being a large motorcycle manufacturing brand in India, TVS did not want to be left behind when Bajaj collaborated with KTM. Therefore, TVS shook hands with BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle division of the BMW Group to create sub-500cc motorcycles. Soon, the company launched the TVS Apache RR 310 which is one of the best fully-faired sports motorcycles in the country in the 300-400cc segment. Not to forget, TVS helped BMW launched the 310 R which is an affordable street fighter motorcycle.

Bajaj-Triumph- While on one end, Bajaj secured its future in the sports segment with KTM; on the other end, it has secured its future in the cruiser segment by collaborating with British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph. The two companies are aiming to bring cruiser motorcycles in the 500-600cc segment to take on rivals such as Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield. As per several reports, the first motorcycle from the joint venture will make its way into the country in 2022.

Hero-Honda- Undoubtedly, the most successful partnership of all time; Honda helped Hero become a major motorcycle manufacturing company in India. At the time of collaborating in 1984, Hero was a cycle manufacturing company led by the Munjal family. Although, the two companies parted away in 2011; Hero-Honda played an important role in shaping the Indian automobile industry.

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