AutoBiz: RE’s New Line of Apparels

The iconic motorcycle manufacturer is aiming to extend its apparel line-up in the country

Since the Indian motorcycle community has expanded at a tremendous pace in the past few years, almost every major motorcycle brand in the country has introduced its line of apparels. From casual t-shirts to riding gears, the line-up comprises everything. Therefore, it is not surprising to us that Royal Enfield has introduced their new line-up of apparels in the past few months. The group started producing apparels in 2014 and since then; they have not looked back. 

In January 2021, the British motorcycle manufacturing company introduced its Make it Yours program, under which patrons were given the flexibility to customize their helmets and other garments. The initiative took the market by storm as thousands of shoppers around the country acquired their customized helmets and other riding apparels from Royal Enfield. During the launch, Royal Enfield’s head of apparel business said, “Our motorcycles for long have been a canvas for ‘Self-expression’, and with our range of riding gear and apparel we aspire to do the same. MIY is about giving riders an option to customise and personalise their riding gear and apparel just like they have been doing it with their motorcycles.”

A few weeks back on March 27, 2021, Royal Enfield tied up with Knox, which is a leading brand that produces protective pads and body armours. Both the companies signed a two-year partnership and as per the partnership, all the riding gears from Royal Enfield now feature CE certified armours and pads made by Knox. After collaborating with Knox, Royal Enfield introduced their recent collection of riding jackets, gloves and riding pants. Not to forget, the firms together created a CE-level 2 knee guard by the name Conqueror. 

During the launch, the company gave an official statement saying, “The launch is part of long-term collaboration in line with Royal Enfield’s commitment to providing protection, comfort and aesthetically designed riding gear and accessories.”

Apart from collaborating with Knox, Royal Enfield also established an alliance with Levi’s in the bid to form a dedicated apparel line-up for women riders of the country. Not to forget, Indian brands such as Vega, Steelbird and Studds manufacturer the company’s official helmets. In the days to come, Royal Enfield is planning to offer an extensive variety of riding gears and more apparels as per the riding conditions and ethos of the Indian riders. 

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