Avocado’s journey from farm to fame

Once relegated to the farms of Mexico, this fruit is now a celebrity

Counted among the superfoods, Avocado unlike any other fruit or vegetable is a star who gradually shot to fame and is here to stay. It can easily be called the celebrity fruit for it is revered by the people in showbiz and otherwise, solely for its health benefits. Even at the slightest mention of healthy eating, it is an avocado that first pops in one’s head. While it has been in use since ancient times, only in the last couple of years, it has become the go-to food item of the rich and popular.

Its origin
Originally from south-central Mexico and Colombia around 7,000 years ago, avocados are also cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world. By the 16th century, this fruit was shared with Spanish conquistadors, giving it the name guacate. The reason Guacamole dip always sounded so native, however, not anymore. Then with the English colonists came the nickname ‘alligator pears’. In parts of India, it is known as the ‘butter fruit’.

Shot to fame
This smoothly textured fruit is a celebrity favourite. For more than a decade it was used by chefs in the New York and Australia high-end restaurants. But its rise to fame came when actress Gwyneth Paltrow launching her cookbook ‘It’s All Good’ in 2013 mentioned a simple Avocado toast recipe. And since it is so Instagrammable, #avocadotoast became an instant favourite among food bloggers who cooked up variations to it. Followed by her second cookbook, ‘It’s All Easy’ wherein she lists out three avocado toast recipes.

In fact, the rise of various food-related dieting techniques also added to the fame of this pear-shaped fruit as it is a great food for weight loss. It is popular among people following the ketogenic diet that lead to its high sale and price. Now, in a day, you will come across over 100,000 #avocadotoast posts from across the globe.

Health benefits
A great substitute for meat, it has become a go-to delicacy for vegetarians. Either filling their sandwiches or mix it with a variety of salads owing to its good high-fat content. Besides, it’s loaded with nutrients such as vitamins C, K, B, E, A, and also contains potassium and dietary fiber.

The merchandise
Well, Avocado’s fame didn’t just result in salads, toasts, or dips. From avocado shaped cakes, on t-shirts to Halloween costumes, the avocado craze is unmatchable. Not just the fruit, the avocado oil too is a high selling, expensive merchandise unlike the other commonly used oils for salads and dips.

So, only if you are allergic or can’t afford this fruit of riches, there is no point in keeping yourself away from this creamy item. It is recommended to try it at least once in your lifetime.

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