Avoid Doing These Six Things That Delay Sound Sleep

Doing a bit of your daily schedule differently can go a long way in restoring quality sleep without pills or scented candles! 

Panicked about anxiety attacks at night and bouts of insomnia that leave you drained throughout? These six tips can surely guarantee you a calming night sleep.

Minimise screen-time: Staying hooked up to streaming apps or playing one last round of online chess can damages our quality of sleep and affect sleep cycle. You might want to be aware of the blue light that smartphone or tablet screens radiate interfering with body’s sleep cycle. Screen-time delays onset of REM and dwindles our memory, alertness and concentration level. Smartphones or TV should be replaced by a book to achieve deep sleep.

Dim the Lights: Crass, bright lights trigger melatonin suppression in pineal gland that decreases our propensity to sleep. Replace the bright lights around your bed that can prolong your alertness, wakefulness and high energy. Bedroom setting should be designed in a way that keeps you surrounded by dim light. This little trick will naturally help you relax the muscles and transition to drowsiness…and slowly, deep sleep.

Avoid Caffeine: Your bloodstream retains caffeine for up to 10 hours, stimulating your focus, energy and nervous system and preventing you from naturally unwinding even at night. Up to six hours before going to bed, caffeine should be strictly kept at bay. If you are sensitive to caffeine, late consumption can lead to abrupt awakening from sleep, heightened anxiety, nervousness, fatigue and sleeplessness. Circle out a list of delish like mocha ice creams, coffee, pre-workout drinks, beverages, hot cocoa and chocolates.

No to Irregular Naps: Infrequent naps are worst for people who are already suffering from insomnia or poor sleep quality. To regularise night-time sleep pattern, avoid for too long. However, if the span hovers around 15-45 minutes is fine as long as it is not repeated or prolonged beyond.

Reduce Oily Snacks: If your diet is based on saturated fat, feel remorse for all the good sleep you have already lost! Often the snacks will awaken you middle of the night with severe heartburn. Before you tuck yourself cosy in bed, opt for tryptophan, magnesium, calcium and carbohydrate-rich foods. A glass of cherry juice, a handful of almonds or few banana slices can enhance your sleep manifold.

Take a Shower: Indulge yourself in a refreshing shower somewhere around 1-2 hours before going to bed. The habit improves the body’s circadian rhythm, regulates blood pressure and soothes mind and body. In no time you would steadfastly descend into quality sleep.

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