Avoid doing these things just after you wake up

Not doing somethings is the right way to go about in the a.m.

Waking up in the morning is a struggle. Alarm snoozes are bringing only temporary bliss. From the first alarm ring to the final battle call off of the bed, it takes a lot of willpower to start the day. Now, there are things we do on the regular basis that can zap our energy in the morning.

Though it seems necessary to fuel our mornings with routine, there are a few things that should not be done. From drinking coffee before 9:30 a.m. to taking steamy morning showers, these are morning habits you are better off without.

Don’t let the alarm snooze:Don’t hit snooze. Instead get proactive and shoot out of bed the moment your alarm goes off. Hitting snooze over and over again not only initiates feeling of guilt but leaves us feeling groggier than usual when we finally wake up.

Checking the phone:Checking your phone for missed calls, mails, and more important updates on social media can leave you feeling stressed. The time after you wake up is important in determining what mood you will face the day with. Bombarding the brain with too much information in the morning can cause stress. Check your phone when you are done with showering, eating, exercising and on your way out.

Taking a hot shower: Taking a long, hot shower will prepare the body for more relaxed time and leave you feeling sleepy. Instead, take a shorter, cooler shower to prep for the day.

Watch T.V: Just like checking the phone is a no-no, so is watching the television. The noise raises the cortisol levels, and you must aim for peace and quiet time in the morning.

Making the bed right away: Though making the bed right away might seem like the right move but hear us out. Moisture is a breeding ground for termites. Leave the bed unmade for some time after you wake us and let the moisture dry up.

Stay in the dark: Right after you wake up, open the blinds and curtains. Early morning light sets the circadian cycle up and helps us set up for decision making and concentration throughout the day. Literally, let the light in right after you wake up.

Fix your to-do list:Don’t reach for the to-do list for the day right after you get off the bed. There is stress involved in the list and your mornings are supposed to be more peaceful than remembering to list chores on a list.

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