Avoid these foods for better hair health

Whatever you eat has some impact on your hair.

Precisely, diet can do both – either improve your hair health or damage it significantly.

Below is a list of certain food items that you should avoid to achieve healthier hair.

Spending lots of money on hair care and still not achieving the ultimate goal – if it sounds familiar, then you need to take a closer look at your regular diet. Your hair gets nutrition from the foods you consume, and so, it’s highly important to maintain a healthy diet to have strong, shiny, as well as lustrous hair. Now, here comes the question, which foods to avoid for this purpose? Well, read ahead to find that out!

Sugary foods can cause hair loss

Sugary foods – such as sweets, cookies, pastries, etc. – are extremely harmful to your hair health. These food items disrupt blood circulation in your body, and this further restricts nutrients to reach your hair follicles. Also, they stimulate your body to release more androgens, which cause your hair follicles to shrink, and eventually lead to hair loss. Moreover, eating sugary foods is a major trigger of various scalp infections.

Refined carbs are a reasonfor hair thinning

Refined carbs get converted into sugar as you consume them. And as mentioned before, sugar damages your hair health to a large extent. On the other hand, they reduce your ability to fight against stress (which causes hair loss). As per studies, people who eat refined carbs daily are more likely to experience hair thinning than those who don’t. So, say a big no to bread, pasta, cake, pastry, pizza, etc.

Greasy foods restrict hair growth

French fries, burgers, cutlets, and more – greasy foods are so yummy that we simply cannot resist eating them. However, these foods are harmful to your entire health, including your hair. They make your scalp greasy, thus restricting the hair growth significantly. Moreover, they disrupt the hormonal balance in your body, which eventually causes hair loss.

Diet soda can damage hair follicles

Diet soda is refreshing and fills your body with instant energy. However, diet soda is not good at all, when it comes to hair health. It contains a huge amount of artificial sweeteners (like Aspartame) that damage the hair follicles. This, in turn, can cause hair thinning and even lead to baldness. Therefore, it’s better to avoid diet soda to have healthy hair.

Certain fishes can lead you to baldness

Most fishes are good for hair, thanks to their high omega-3 content. But certain fishes – such as tuna, shark, swordfish, mackerel, etc. – can ruin your hair health severely. They are packed with a heavy metal called mercury that makes the hair follicles weak and eventually leads to baldness.

Therefore, avoid the above-mentioned food items and incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet instead.

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