Ayutthaya: All you need to know about the ancient kingdom of Thailand

How many of us actually knew about the ancient ruins of the Ayutthaya kingdom?

Even if you are not a great fan of history and culture, this place will surely excite you once you get to know about its intriguing facts. Get a day off from your Bangkok life, and travel to this historical spot which is just 70km from the main city of Bangkok. Below are some interesting facts about this once existing powerful kingdom.


The kingdom was found almost 70 years ago in 1378, and flourished for nearly 400 years. The Tai people were in a combined power, during the Ayutthaya era, and rose to power. Due to the neighbouring country Siam, the Tai people of Ayutthaya were started to be called Siamese.


The kingdom was the main trading port for some international merchants of Europe. Moreover, the temples and places of the city made it a powerful place to visit. The city also had waterways that protected the kingdom from atrocities.

The demise of the kingdom

After the kingdom was attacked brutally by the Burmese, it faced a brutal end with much of its city being devastated. The fire demolished many of the important cities of the kingdom. For the people who got saved from the heinous attack, were then taken over by the Burmese and were forced to work as slaves for them. The kingdom and its rule ended during 1760s, and the remains of the kingdom and some parts of the temple are now a part of Thai heritage, which you can still find in your visit to Ayutthaya.

The relics and ruins

Since most of the temples were wooden made, hence most of them got burnt down by the fire. Only some parts of the temples made of stone remain today, which took about 150 year to bring it to form. The place now depicts some of the Khmer architecture. The place has been a part of the UNESCO World heritage site, from the time its remains were discovered back in 1991.

How to reach the city

The city is at a distance of 70km from Bangkok, as already mentioned. To be specific, travelers will have to head to the MRT Subway Station or to the BTS Skytrain Station. These stations will have buses that will take you directly to Ayutthaya. Railway can also be availed from Hua Lamphong Station. Some of you might also wish to avail boat service to visit this ancient kingdom.

This guide has probably intrigued you to visit this important part of Thailand!

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