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Baby Names Inspired By Goddess Durga With Their Meanings For Kids Born During Durga Puja

Embrace the spirit of Durga Puja with these meaningful baby names inspired by the powerful and revered goddess.

Durga Puja is a time when many parents, especially in the Bengali culture, are inspired to name their newborns after the powerful and revered deity. If your baby is born during the auspicious Durga Puja season and you're considering a name that embodies the strength, grace, and divine attributes of the goddess, here are some meaningful options to help you choose a name that resonates with the spirit of this beautiful festival. Read on to know them all!


The name "Durga" itself is a testament to the goddess's formidable power. It means "invincible" or "unassailable" in Sanskrit. Naming your daughter Durga is a tribute to the deity's strength and her ability to overcome all obstacles.

Mahishasura Mardini

A unique name that signifies the goddess as the "slayer of the buffalo demon," Mahishasura Mardini is a powerful and symbolic choice for parents who wish to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Perfect name for your baby girl!


This name means "unconquerable" or "undefeated." It represents the goddess's indomitable spirit and her unwavering commitment to righteousness. Also, Chandika is a name that denotes the fierce and fierce form of Goddess Durga. It's a reminder of her resolute and formidable nature.


Bhairavi is a name that encapsulates the fierce and protective aspect of Goddess Durga. It means "terrifying" or "frightening" and represents her warrior-like qualities. Uma is one of the many names of Goddess Durga and signifies her gentle and nurturing aspect. It is a lovely name for a girl, meaning "light" or "radiance."


Annapurna is the goddess of nourishment and abundance. Naming your child Annapurna symbolizes the hope for a life filled with sustenance, generosity, and plenty.


The name Shakti means "power" or "strength" and embodies the divine feminine energy that Goddess Durga represents. Another name that has the same ring to it is Kaushiki. Derived from the name "Kushika," Kaushiki means "daughter of Sage Kushika." It is another name for Goddess Durga and signifies her connection to the spiritual world.


Vaishno is associated with Vaishno Devi, a manifestation of Goddess Mahakali. It represents the goddess's compassionate and nurturing qualities. It is a perfect name for your sweet little daughter.


Katyayani is another name for Goddess Durga and is associated with her warrior aspect. It means "daughter of Sage Katyayana" and represents strength and valor. With a similar ring, Rajeshwari is a royal name that means "queen" or "goddess of the kings." It symbolizes the regal and powerful nature of Goddess Durga.

Lakshmi Gauri

Although the name is most commonly associated with the goddess of wealth and prosperity, it is also one of the many names of Goddess Durga. Lakshmi signifies divine beauty and grace. Gauri, meaning "fair" or "radiant," is another name for Goddess Parvati, who is an incarnation of Durga. It represents purity and beauty.


Named after the goddess who is Durga's gentle and nurturing aspect, Parvati signifies the loving and motherly qualities of the deity.


Rudraani is derived from "Rudra," which is one of the names of Lord Shiva. It signifies the goddess's connection to Shiva and her embodiment of Shakti or divine energy.

These names capture the essence of Goddess Durga and her various attributes, from her fierce and protective nature to her nurturing and compassionate side. Whether you choose a name that represents her strength, beauty, or spiritual significance, each of these names reflects the rich and profound cultural heritage of Durga Puja, making them meaningful choices for your newborn born during this auspicious time.