Published By: Riya Banerjee

Baby on the way? Here are some of the best Babymoon destinations to visit!

Relaxing a bit before your baby comes along and keeps you busy is something highly recommended.

Babymoons are a big craze right now! Just like people plan honeymoons, these days mom-to-be’s are also making sure they go on a babymoon before their little bundle of joy comes along. If you too are expecting a child and want to travel before you cannot anymore, we suggest you start planning your babymoon trip right now! In fact we are here to help you with choosing the perfect destinations for your trip. Read on to know more…


Starting with a beautiful destination in our own country, Coorg is nothing but heaven on earth. Located in the Western Ghats, Coorg is all about nature’s beauty. Surrounded by mountains and with plenty of flora around, you can do several activities in Coorg or even just go there to relax before your baby comes along.


If there is one city that is perfect for any and every trip, it has to be Paris. From luxury to comfort, Paris can be a great babymoon destination. Not only can you pamper yourself with shopping but also eat the Parisian delicacies such as croissants, macarons, éclairs and so much more!


If you are a fan of hiking and snow, then Switzerland can be a lovely babymoon destination too. Relaxing in a good hotel with the perfect view of the Alps is also recommended but don’t forget to enjoy the snow while you are there! You can also try out the various snow rides there if it is permitted by your doctor!


What can be better than chilling on the beach with lemonade in your hand sun tanning while on a babymoon? The Bahamas is the place to consider if you are a water baby and love to chill on a beach or swim in the ocean. You can book a spa resort and pamper yourself further while on this trip!


If you want to experience the Indian version of the Alps right in your own country then we recommend taking a trip to Darjeeling! You can see the beautiful Kanchenjunga and also tour the tea gardens in Darjeeling. While you’re there don’t forget to ride the traditional toy train!