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Back To College- What To Eat At North Campus, Delhi University

Now that the pandemic has finally been left behind, and the opportunity to hang out on the Delhi University campuses, breathe the fresh college air, and enjoy with friends after classes are, here again.  If your college is at the North Campus of Delhi University, and feel hungry amidst walking through the sprawling campus lawns, and the almost-mysterious ridge among other attractions, then here are some kinds of food that you can try out on the campus!


Although many of the cafes in and around Hudson Lane have shut down now, some are still there, while others are in Kamala Nagar, which is on the other end of the campus. These cafes serve cheap and immensely good food, specifically their pizzas and French Fries. These are served at a very reasonable price and are so well made, filled with meat. These cafes additionally have a lovely ambiance and their lively atmosphere makes them the perfect place to hang out there with friends. Other Continental items are also available in these shops.


Gulping down these delicious preparations in these cafes with a glass of cold coffee is the ultimate. One gets good coffee in these cafes. Even at times, when going to a café is not feasible, local shops to window-shops also provide fine hot coffee. Sometimes between classes or when you haven’t slept all night, this is all you need!


One more favorite and extremely common food item that you get at North Campus is Maggi. From small stalls which serve multiple types of magi to college canteens to even cafes, Maggi is universal. The quality varies, and one would have to search before making the decision, as to where to get Maggi from.Whether it is an emergency meal or a serious cravings, Maggi is always there just around the corner, no matter where you are. It is impossible to graduate without having had it at least a few times!


Few the college canteens, such as Delhi School of Economics have very interesting and delicious food items on their menu, serving unique food. When you’re hungry and searching for cheap food, this is probably one of the best options you have.


This locality, which is host to Tibetan refugees has a wonderful array of cafes and stalls serving delicious food, such as La-Phing, Momos, as well as other Tibetan delicacies. It is a must-visit!

So which food item will you try first?

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