Bad Housekeeping Habits You Need To Drop

Regain control of your lifestyle by keeping your house clean.

Clutter is normal. You pile stuff up and dealing with all the mess made becomes a never ending task. However, it is fairly easy to de-clutter all the mess when you are in the right headspace and when you have control over your personal and professional life. It becomes tricky when things get a little hectic and you keep procrastinating clearing the mess keeping it for the later. Here are a few housekeeping habits that you should drop if you want to skip the tall pile of mess.

Keeping A Random Drawer To Toss Things In

We all have a drawer dedicated only to the miscellaneous stuff. That’s alright. However, having the habit of tossing every random stuff into that drawer until you can’t even get it to open anymore is the problem. While having a junk drawer is absolutely normal, sometimes that drawer could easily turn into your worst nightmare. Label all the items in the drawer so that you can easily identify them. Moreover, try keeping mostly the loose stuff like screws and buttons in it. Most importantly, do not over-fill the drawer.

Not Going Through Your Mail Right Away

Admit it! We have all done this –kept sorting through our mail for another day until it became a big pile of mess. It’s a small thing but can make a huge difference. Make it a habit of going through your mail the moment it arrives and sort them into different categories. Keep the important ones and shred the ones you’d never put your hands on ever again. Sorting through your mail on a daily basis would diminish at least half the clutter of your home.

Throwing Your Clothes On The Chair

The job of your chair is to let people sit on it and not act as your part-time closet. It might feel like a huge task to change and place your clothes in the closet after you have had a long day. So, you decide to take the easy way out and throw your clothes and your accessories on the nearest chair you find. Imagine the horror when you repeat this day after day and soon your closet has a lot of space because most of your clothes are living on your chair! Make it habit to hang your clothes where they belong –in the closet.

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