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Badminton Players With the Highest Income From The Thailand Tournaments

Here are some of the highest-paid badminton players in Thailand. Read on to know them all.

In 2021, badminton kicked off with a boom, with three major events in Thailand offering substantial prize pools. Several of the world’s best athletes nevertheless showed up to compete despite the competition’s lack of Olympic qualification value. And a few of them came back substantially wealthier than they had been before.

Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu – Indonesia

Income: 53750 USD per person

By beating the home team of Kititharakul and Prajongjai, the world’s No. 6 duo took home the Yonex Thailand Open trophy, Greysia Polii the first woman to win in Thailand Open in women’s doubles four times.

Chae YuJung-Korea

Income: 54500 USD

The fierce lefty mixed doubles player reached the semi-finals of the Yonex Thailand Open. At both the Toyota Thailand Open and indeed the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals, they had to settle for second place.

An Se Young -Korea & Chou Tien Chen -Chinese Taipei

Income: 58000 USD per person

Both players had very strong runs, making it to the semifinals of all three events and winning the same prize money. Chou is now rated fourth in men’s singles, while An is eighth in women’s singles.

Kim So Yeong / Kong Hee Yong -Korea

Income: 74000 USD per person

This South Korean women’s doubles team has been playing great tennis so far in 2019. Its members have reached the semifinals of the Yonex Thailand Open and the finals of the Toyota Thailand Open and the World Tour Finals.

Seo Seung Jae -Korea

Income: 78125 USD

Seo and his doubles partner Choi Solgyu took home a little larger purse than Chae YuJung and his mixed doubles counterparts. While he did well in all three competitions he played in, his mixed doubles results much exceeded those of the men’s doubles competition.

Lee So Hee / Shin Seung Chan (Korea)

Income: 87500 USD per person

Throughout their trip to Thailand, Lee & Shin were constantly trying to catch up. There was a clear lack of form from Shin Seung Chan, and the team struggled mightily in the first event. On the last day of the event in Thailand, though, she rallied and finally recovered her form. They made it to the semifinals of the Yonex Thailand Open in the opening week. They finished second just at Toyota Thailand Open in Week 2. They won the HSBC World Tour Finals in week three.

 Anders Antonsen -Denmark

Income: 135000 USD

Anders Antonsen appeared to be in the worst physical shape of his life when vacationing in Thailand. Perhaps it was a mental or physical block. According to observers, he still appeared to be suffering the effects of Covid-19. And yet, he triumphed over a red-hot Viktor Axelsen in the final to claim the championship. True victors not only triumph on their best days but also in the face of adversity.


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