Bag packing hacks for hassle free travelling

Here is everything you need to know on how to make travelling more comfortable

Your bag will no longer sway around when you hike or walk with it. Because the below hacks will help you with pack your bag perfectly. There is no right or wrong way to pack your bag. But, a well arranged backpack will be make your life easier.

Bag packing checklist- Firstly, list down all the things you need to carry. This will help you to declutter and sort things according to their weight. Checklist serves as a guide to ensure that you didn’t forget anything like water bottle, rain jacket, first-aid kit etc

To pack you bag smartly divide the storage of your bag into four zones.

Top zone– Always remember to store your bulkier and important essentials like first aid kit, rain jacket to keep the weight balanced. As well, it helps you to attend to emergencies immediately.

Core zone– Heavier items like cook kit goes here. Packing heavier items here ensures the centre of gravity.

Bottom Zone– This is good for items which you will not need until reaching your camp site or room like, sleeping bag, foldable tent and so on.

Accessor storage– Store handy things here like your gps, sunglasses, headlamp and etc here. Here comes the pro tip, use your sunglasses case to store your charger and headphones.

Wondering where to keep your clothes and how to make room for it? Don’t worry, we got you.

To make more room in your bag, roll your cloths instead of folding it. Better yet, use packing cubes or a plastic bag to roll and compress the cloths. Again a pro tip, use the space inside your shoes to maximise the space in your bag. Example, you can stuff your socks, under wear in the shoes. Always carry a full set of dress including overcoming the unavoidable situations.Never forget to grab a laundry bag and this goes to the bottom zone of your bag.

Reader’s take away: As much as possible travel light. Avoid taking things that will make you wonder like why have you took it in the first place. To avoid such scenarios after each trip you can list down the things that you didn’t use or needed on that trip to ensure that you will no longer make room for it.

Happy journey! Next stop is paradise!

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