Bali Trip: How To Have The Most Exotic Holiday On A Budget

Visit the tropical paradise that is actually affordable!

If you think about it, most tropical places with exotic villas and island experiences do not come easy on the pocket. However, Bali is one of the very few places that would offer you a luxurious holiday at a very small price. Ask anyone who has been to this gorgeous place and they would tell you how well a Bali trip could be arranged at a very affordable price. Here are some tips for you to enjoy Bali on a budget!

Experiment With The Local Food To Save On The Fancy Restaurants

While a part of the Bali experience completely involves exploring the amazing cuisine, you don’t always have to be waiting in line to get into a fancy restaurant. Skip on the luxurious and five star restaurants to find lip smacking joy in the local street food. The local Balinese street food offers the oomph that most fancy and fine dining restaurants would not. The local food is rich in flavour and taste and would absolutely make for one of the best parts of your trip. What’s even better is that eating at the local street food stalls comes cheaper than the fine dining restaurants. You get to have amazing food at the cost of almost nothing!

If You Have It Planned, Book It In Advance

Contrary to what most people believe, a trip to Bali would be far more affordable if you have every activity you plan to do booked in advance. Starting with your accommodations to the adventure activities, book everything in advance to save a lot of money. The local Bali businesses are quite well acquainted with the internet and therefore, booking everything in advance would not be a hassle. Moreover, internet websites mostly offer great deals on Bali’s accommodations, transportation and other activities that would save your money. That way, once you touch down at Bali, you can avoid the taxing process of haggling with the business owners.

Explore Bali On A Scooter Instead Of Private Cabs

We cannot stress this enough, but it would an absolute dumb thing to do if you are planning to get a cab every time you want to visit a spot in Bali. Rent a scooter for a day or as many days as you want and go about Bali as per your whims to save a chunk of your money.

Urbee Sarkar

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