Bangkok: 3 sites that offer the best sunrise views

If you are in Bangkok, head to these places in the early morning to catch the breathtaking sunrise views.

What comes to your mind when you think about Bangkok city? Is it a concrete jungle packed with skyscrapers? Well, while this is certainly true, the city has a lot more that may rejuvenate your soul to the fullest. Precisely, it’s home to several sites from where you can get unmatched views of the sunrise. While getting up early may be difficult, the struggle seems worthy just the moment you watch the first ray of the sun. Also, when the plethora of colors appears, it feels like someone has painted the sky with utmost care. And trust me, the whole sight is so elegant that you’ll feel like standing in heaven. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the top three sites in Bangkok where you should visit for a great sunrise view.

Wat Arun: Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is arguably the most impressive temple in Bangkok. Also known as ‘Temple of Dawn’, this 300-year-old structure looks majestic with its Khmer-styled architectural design. In the morning, the whole structure looks outstanding as its walls get lit up by the sun’s rays. It has several spires where you can climb up to get better views. In addition to that, you can sit back beside the Chao Phraya River and get lost amidst the tranquility.

Lumpini Park: Lumpini Park is a lush green space that remains the most spectacular in the morning. The whole area comes to life as the first ray of sun falls upon it. There are several spots where you can sit back and enjoy the majestic sunrise views. At this time, everything around seems so pleasant that you will get a new meaning of life. Also, the park sees many people performing cardio exercises, children indulging in some sports, or musicians playing some soulful music.

The Grand Palace: The Grand Palace is an architectural wonder that represents the art, culture, and history of Thailand. The whole complex spreads over a huge land that is home to several buildings such as Wat Phra Kaeo, Chakri Maha Prasar Hall, Phra Mondhop, Phra Viharn Yot, and more. While you can visit here anytime, the best time is surely the early morning. As the sun rises in the background, the palace seems like coming straight out of fairy tales. Also, after watching the sunrise, do take a stroll across the green complex to get some breath of fresh air.

Apart from these, some floating markets in Bangkok are also considered good sunrise points.

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