Basic Tips For Playing Golf For Beginners

Swing it like you mean it!

Golf has a reputation of being a game for the elite. Age old beliefs aside, even you can be a golf champion if you know how to strike your ball right. The gentleman’s game is a hard thing to master with etiquettes, poise, grace and most importantly, techniques holding huge significance for it. However, with a few helpful tips you can find golf interesting and of course a more manageable sport. Here are a few tips to help you get started with golf.

Be A Student To Be A Master

Whether you are taking lessons from online videos or from an instructional book to get started at the game, taking lessons from experienced golf players would always keep you a step ahead. Don’t be afraid of asking help with your game techniques from people who have been frequenting the golf course since years. Being able to teach yourself is commendable but come to think about it, a golf master will be able to teach the more subtle nuances of the game that probably your browser would not be able to do. It will not hurt for you to take in person lessons from people who really, really know the game.

Putting Before The Driving Range

Many people become so obsessed with being able to play at the driving range that they rush the practicing sessions at the putts. Trust us, the putts will make the most of your golfing capabilities than hitting the range shots at the first chance you get. Don’t neglect putting because you are craving some real golfing range shots. You will get there when you get there but first, putts! Practicing putting will be the most important technique for you to be able to master the game.

Cavity Back Clubs Are Better Than Bladed Clubs

The tradition bladed clubs are good but do you know what’s even better? Cavity back clubs! The cavity back clubs have a head that’s oversized and therefore, the surface area that contacts the ball is larger. Naturally, the impact is minimized into a smoother and more elegant shot which is usually a disaster with a traditional club.

Your Grip Is Your Strongest Weapon

Work on your grip around the golfing stick. There are three types of grips including the interlocking, the baseball and the Vardon. Practice them and practice them well to be a champ!

Urbee Sarkar

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