Batman: The Evolution Of The Batsuit Through The Years

If you are a DC Comic fan I have got a riveting story to satisfy your appetite for some Batman facts.

Over the years the Caped Crusader’s Batsuit has undergone a radical metamorphosis. How do you plan to clothe a dark symbol of justice? What does a superhero wear, who does not see himself as super or a hero? Every designer of the Batsuit for the Batman films was asked to answer these questions. Batman, with a history of 80 years in the comics, offers a plethora of designs from the past to pick from. Before 1989, the appearance of Batman in the live-action films somewhat followed the comics but the Batsuit looked unrealistic, and the fans preferred to see their fictional hero in a fantastic and realistic suit.

Tim Burton

The ‘90s Batman movies by Tim Burton first ditched this approach and the fans were able to spot a lot more golds and blacks instead of dull greys. The new Batsuit accentuated the fear factor that makes the superhero a potent scourge of the underworld. Burton did not use the spandex-look from the comics. The remodelled Batman was no longer a campy superhero, he emerged as the veracious hero of the night.

Joel Schumacher

Joel Schumacher took over the Batman movies as the director after Burton, but the darkness of the Batsuit persisted. Schumacher decided to add a lot more latex to the Batsuit and the heavy black palette in the suit was made sleeker to make the costume look edgier.

Christopher Nolan

The Batman films by Christopher Nolan brought back the old Batsuit concept in ‘Batman Begins’ with only the belt with a splash of color. This particular incarnation of the costume was strikingly more realistic. This realism of the Nolan suit gained immense popularity and is described in the movie as “Nomex survival suit” by Lucius Fox.

Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Justice League’ introduced two unique suits for Ben Affleck. The Batsuit had a more comic-like look and it was not some typical bodysuit, it was an imposingly huge mechanical armor. The armor made the superhero look like a true beast of Gotham City.

Matt Reeves

Every evolution of the costume has led us to Matt Reeves’ creation of the Batsuit of 2020, with Robert Pattinson playing the titular vigilante. The crowning glory of the new Batsuit reveals that the Bat symbol is not just a logo, it has a hard metallic look. This design suggests that this may have been crafted out of the gun parts that killed Martha and Thomas Wayne. However, it can be ascertained only after the movie releases in June 2021.

So, can you decide which one is your favorite Batsuit?

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