Batters with most ducks in Tests

The title, in fact, should be bowlers with most ducks in test cricket, but then it would be technically wrong.

Courtney Walsh (43)

There will be a smile across the faces of classic cricket fans when the name of Courtney Walsh crops up, leading a list of batsmen, rather bowlers, with most ducks in test cricket. For those who can remember the batting style of Walsh, it isn’t a surprise at all that he has 43 ducks in test cricket, more than any other batsman in the history of the game.

The West Indies pace bowler represented the country between 1984 and 2001 and played 132 matches. While he was a sensation with the ball in hand, he was hardly able to hold a bat and scored at a career average of 7.54.

Chris Martin (36)

There is little doubt that Courtney Walsh would have been the number XI in a team of number XIs. However, if there is one cricketer who could challenge that spot, it is New Zealand’s Chris Martin. If Walsh was pathetic with the bat, Martin was pathetic on another level. He could score just 123 runs from 71 matches at an average of 2.36.

The best that Martin scored across his career was an unbeaten 12. He was dismissed on a duck on 36 occasions. Interestingly, he also struck 15 boundaries which must have made for thrilling viewing.

Stuart Broad (36)

Stuart Broad recently equalled Chris Martin’s record of 36 ducks in test cricket when he was bowled for another blob in the test series against India. Stuart Broad made his test debut for England in 2007 and is a much better batsman than the numbers show.

In fact, he has the best of 169 and is difficult to dislodge when on song. However, Broad has also had his share of batting troubles as he is the most vulnerable at the beginning of his innings. This has contributed to his 36 ducks in test cricket. Once set though, Broad is a much better batsman and can play some eye-catching strokes.

Glenn McGrath (35)

Glenn McGrath was another rabbit with the bat in hand. He represented Australia between 1993 and 2008 and established himself as one of the greats of the game. While he was a metronome with the ball, McGrath was nowhere close to that ability with bat and was dismissed on ducks and 35 occasions from 124 test matches and made his runs at an average of 7.36.

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