Published By: Satavisha

Be A Better Friend: Five Tips That Can Help You Level Up Your Friendship

 Just like romantic partnerships, friendships also require commitment and consistent effort to thrive

Inevitably, there will be a phase in your life when you will barely have any time to spare to hang out with your best friends, but caring for those connections and engaging in fulfilling conversations with them can make you feel understood, appreciated, and seen. Let us discuss what qualities can help improve your friendship skills. Read on to find out how you can be the best pal and level up your friendship.

Speak less

If you are that friend who does all the talking at all times, it is time to give up on that habit. You are not the only person who always has the most important things to say. Understand that asking for compassion is fine but do not make every conversation about you and burden your friends with a ton of stress, especially if they are also going through stuff of their own.

Listen more attentively

I guess, we are all aware of whether we are the listener or the talker in our friendships, but it is essential to remember that communication is not a one-way street. If you want your relationship to thrive, be a good listener and make sufficient room to accommodate the problems of your friends. Listen patiently and do not speak until it is absolutely necessary.

Don’t be a flaky friend.

Ditched a lunch date with friends to go on a picnic with your family? That is cool for as long as it is occasional but canceling for the sixth time is NOT OKAY! Your friends will start viewing you as that unreliable friend who always breaks promises.

Keep a check on them.

You don’t always have to be physically close to a friend to extend your emotional support. Just a text inquiring about their health and how they are doing is enough to make it known that regardless of the distance and your busy schedule, you are still thinking of them, and they are a priority.

Celebrate their milestones

Celebrate your friends’ accomplishments and make it a big deal when life goes in their favor! Whether they are expecting a baby, or earned a promotion, or finally got the car of their dreams, even your smallest gesture of happiness can suggest that their success and joy matter to you. When your friends are winning, you are winning.

These simple gestures may seem very basic, but if you can practice them in the long haul, you will be winning in the game of friendship.