Beat Work From Home Stress in Six Simple Ways

Stamp out work stress without splurging on retail therapy or weekend parties!

Let’s admit there is no stop to the viscous cycle of work, stress, financial crunch and missed deadlines. Nonetheless, it is important that we do not lose ourselves in the process. How?

Add indoor greenery: A cute line-up of potted baby plants can soak in toxins and freshen up the air we breathe. Scientists opine that people who keep a little plant on their desk are less likely to fly into a mad, mad rage. Nature boosts our cognitive abilities and relives us from attention fatigue. Aloe Vera, Jasmine, Chamomile and Lavender are the best picks.

Stay hydrated: Dehydration shoots up our anxiety levels. If our body is running low on water, chances of getting easily stressed out and contracting mild headache to severe fatigue increase exponentially. Prolonged inattention to water intake affects brain structure and shrinks neurotransmitters. This leaves us feeling helpless, empty and craving for junk. Remedy? Keep a bottle close by!

Set deadlines: Do not let yourself run helter-skelter or sit inert like an overcrowded table in middle of the room. Deadline extensions or not setting one any in the first place hardly helps! Deadlines can be pretty useful in measuring productivity, avoiding overworking, sorting out daily tasks with clarity and finishing office in time.

Add fruits to diet: Adding slices of banana, watermelon, apples and papaya keeps you hydrated and energised. Fruit salad strengthens your immunity, boosts energy and maintains moisture content. Well, you can finally let go of that long to-do list staring at you anxiously from the wall!

Let in natural light: Allow yourself 15-minute breaks at a span of 1 hour and let your mind wander away. If your workspace is devoid of natural light, bask in some during the day. Natural light helps you focus and calm down stress levels. Besides, working on extended shifts by staring at laptop screen can trigger fatigue and insomnia. Sunlight stimulates our brain to produce serotonin and on the other hand slows down melatonin formation in our bodies. This makes sure that we are happy, getting enough sound sleep and waking up a little less dank and tired!

Skip on multitasking: Let the capitalistic concept of being over-productive rest for a while, and put away with the constant urge to multitask. Once you stop cramming your mind space with activities, screen pop-ups and information, you will feel less drained. Multitasking literally sucks on the oxygenated glucose in brain. Trust science that you will do relatively well-off if you let the glucose level stabilise.

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