Published By: Riya Banerjee

Beautiful waterfalls in New Zealand you have to see!

New Zealand is known for so much but especially its beauty If you are a water baby and enjoy being awestruck by nature

New Zealand is one country that has exceptional scenic beauty. The tropical forests, the mountains, the lakes and the waterfalls all combine together to make the country extremely beautiful and a natural haven for tourists to visit. If you are someone who enjoys scenery then New Zealand is highly recommended as a holiday option. Especially if you like waterfalls, the country has load of them. Here we will list out some waterfalls that you cannot miss out on while touring New Zealand…

Purakaunui Falls

If you have never seen a three-tier waterfall, then do not miss out on this one. It is located along the Southern Scenic Route and appears on several New Zealand postcards. You can even walk around through the forests to kick in a bit of adventure before watching the beauty of this waterfall.

Huka Falls

One of the most visited natural attractions by tourists from all over the world; the Huka Falls is an example of how natural hydropower works. You can take jet boat trips or river cruises here and also climb the footbridge to get an ever closer view of the rumbling waterfall! You will not want to miss out on this turquoise beauty.

Bridal Veil Falls

It looks exactly as it sounds and you will surely be awestruck by the immense beauty of this waterfall. Located on the Pakoka River near Waikato on the North Island, this one has a good fall length and is frequented by tourists a lot!

Stirling Falls

Located near Milford Sound on the South Island, this waterfall is best witnessed on a cruise! Some cruises even take you up to the base of the waterfall and you can take some amazing photographs there! You can get a cruise according to your liking and even book ones which can give you an overnight reservation!

Rere Falls

Located on the Wharekopae River northwest of Gisborne, Rere Falls looks like something out of a Disney film! Nearby there is also a Rere Rockslide, which is a natural waterslide, that you can visit to get a full experience of this natural beauty.