Beauty benefits of tea

We’re here to spill the tea about the beauty benefits of tea.

There’s tea for every possible mischance. Got a cold? Brew some ginger tea. Want some love? Have a chai tea. Not getting enough sleep? Chamomile tea will calm you and lull you to sleep. Want a glowing beauty skin? Yes, there’s tea for that too.

Ancient Chinese and Ayurveda have known the importance of tea for treating skin inflammation, imparting healthy glow to it. While beauty secrets have come a full circle, it is time to learn about the beauty benefits of tea. Tea is known to improve the health of skin and hair globally. Being rich in anti-ageing, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, tea has so many benefits. It is also a staple or majority of households.

Here are the many beauty benefits of tea:

Sunburn soother: Sunburns can be painful. For the days you forget to lather sunscreen on you and end up with sunburnt body parts, apply compress of tea bags. It calms the sin and reduces redness.

Puffy eyes/undereye bags remover: We all know this. Tea bag on the undereyes effectively show reduction of puffiness. Cool tea bags help shrink the blood vessels thereby reducing dark circles.

Shine giver: Green and black tea helps your lacklustre hair find its shine. Steep green or black tea, cool it overnight and rinse your hair with it the next day. It imparts shine to the hair.

Skin and hair rejuvenator: Spearmint tea, with its anti-androgenic properties reduces hormonal imbalances which significantly stops the over-production of excess sebum on the skin. Spearmint tea aids in reducing the growth of hormonal acne.

Pollution fighter: Pollution and UV rays does so much damage to the skin. Green tea is rich in in polyphenols which act as prebiotics that support healthy gut bacteria. Green tea, also rich in antioxidant properties that fight DNA damage to the skin.

Toner and moisturizer: Another green tea win: Spritzing cool green tea on the face can visibly reduce pores, clears skin and draws out impurities. Cool green tea is so beneficial in taming the harsh climate that breaks down skin defences.

Stress reliever: Had a rough day? Stressed about an upcoming presentation? Insomnia getting to you? Ditch caffeine and brew yourself a cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile is known to calms and soothe which helps the skin as well.

Glow giver: Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin c, zinc among others and gives you a natural glowing skin. The natural alpha-hydroxy acid in hibiscus also aids in giving you healthy hair.

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