Beauty Tips for Long Haul Flight

While gearing up for a long flight, ditch the extravagances and trust the bare minimum for a glowing look

Here is a step-by-step guide to resurrect your skin from long hours of torture schedule.

Use Minimal Makeup

Going easy with the makeup does the trick of lending a fresh glow to your face even after winding queues and bouts of caffeine intake. Besides letting your skin breathe, you can generously clean and moisturise it as per convenience thereby feeling fresh internally. Makeup for such hellish journeys should ideally be limited to concealer, lip balm and a stroke of mascara.

In-Flight Facial

A quick facial might seem a tad bit tedious but tremendously beneficial to rejuvenate the skin and retain a youthful glow. Face oils such as jojoba deeply hydrate and shield the skin against stress and dehydration.


Flying can suck out hydration from your body and especially if you are aboard an international flight. Oxygenate your skin to retain the glow and unplug the pores. Experts always recommend trusting the goodness of a mild milky cleanser, hydrating toner and then a coat of serum to form a shield against environmental pollutants.

Soothe the Eyes

Hydrating gel is a boon especially if you are a bookaholic or hooked to watching series. Also, minimise eye makeup to avoid the pesky smudges and need for touch-ups—definitely a hassle when you are airborne. Carry eye drops to cool itchy, red and dry eyes.

Pack a Highlighting Concealer 

Quite a saviour when you need to spruce up your makeup game before landing. Use a facial wipe to clean your face and remove stains and exhaustion. Apply a layer of light moisturiser before you use the highlighter to freshen up, beautify and sculpt your face. Dab on red spots, fine lines, dark circles and pigmentation carefully concealing the speckles and spots to cherish your perfectly glowing skin. Concealer is pretty handy if you plan to head towards a mini gathering or party.

Watch your Diet

You will need to get an optimum amount of rest on flight to not merely dazzle but feel healthy and comfortable physically. What you are munching on or slurping in prior to 24 hours of your departure is important. Avoid saturated fats and spicy meals, caffeine, sugary delicacies, processed food, salty and greasy snacks and aerated drinks that could make you bloated, sleep deprived and sluggish. Drinking ample water and using the right pillow to obtain a restoring sleep is equally important to look fresh as dewdrops on petals!

Puja Sinha

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