Beauty trends to try next time you go out.

Beauty trends have gone experimental.

If there is a safe time to not be safe with beauty trends, its now. Being stuck at home has changed us a lot. No more getting manicures at the salon. Instead Tik Tok has provided refuge for DIY manicures at home. No makeup look is a look now. We have even started cutting our own hair. Luxurious spa days have been replaced by skin care right at home with home spas ripped off of the internet.

We have experimented, sometimes put on our favourite dress, strapped on our best pair of shoes, put on some ruby woo, clicked a few selfies on our porch and called it a day. While some were content with the makeup from pre-pandemic, some have resorted to bringing in newer beauty trends to break out of the monotony. And some of them are so good, they could be your inspiration for the next time you go out.

Ready to rock the freshest look? Here are a few beauty trends to try out.

Pop the eyes with some bright eyeshadow: With the necessity to wear masks, eye makeup has gone wild. Bright coloured eyeshadow makes the eye pop and make a statement. And you could choose any colour form the spectrum and go big.

White liner cat eyes:Black liners are out, white liners are in. White liners were only used on the lower lashes to make the yes look bigger but why stop there? Go for the usual cat eyes, but with white liner.

Money pieces:Money pieces are hot right now. Opting for bright colours for two vertical streaks of hair to frame the face is a bold statement right there. Go fro green, or fuschia, or even a natural brown or black.

Rainbow manicure: Mismatched manicures in shades of the rainbow bring out the playful side of you. You can choose carrying colours of the same shade or totally different shade for each finger.

Inner eye pop of colour:Instead of using white eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of the eyes, try bold colours like pink, yellow, blue, purple. Super easy way to make your eyes pop.

Coral lips are in:Think coral, pink or any shade in the vicinity. Pink lip colours are the belle of the ball right now. And truth be told, your lips deserve the attention after so much time under a mask.

Skin minimalism look:With skin minimalism trend, no makeup trend, moisture is the key. People are flaunting their super dewy skin that’s super hydrated. The key is to look as natural and nourished as possible.

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