Bedroom colours as per vastu

If you believe in Vastu, the following tips will be quintessential to choose the right bedroom colour.

Positivity around us resonates a happy life. Colours are known to spread positive vibes and energy according to Vastu. The right choice of colour for bedroom sets a good ambience for your work and even for your personal life. This brief discussion about the best colours for bedroom will be helpful in deciding the appropriate vastu-approved colours.


Green represents peace, ease, nature, healing and growth. This colour can be used in bedrooms for the aged family members, or members with lesser immunity, to help them get healed. It is a positive colour displaying relaxation. Vastu also depicts that green symbolizes knowledge and learning, making the colour suitable for children’s bedrooms.


Shades of blue in your master bedroom ensures a tranquil environment. Blue, according to Vastu, can be the perfect colour for winding up post your long hectic day, as it spreads a serene and calm vibe. However, in a smaller room, the colour might feel claustrophobic, hence it is suggested to keep the smaller rooms white shaded with shades of blue painted on doors, windows or maybe furniture.


Vastu says, orange symbolizes vitality, ambience and health. The fiery glow of this shade is most likely suitable for young ambitious minds, that can induce enthusiasm and drive you towards your goal. The southern wall is the favorable one for colouring orange, in compliance with the Vastu. For people with a short temper, this colour is not much recommended, but in case you’ve got a cool head and you are full of aspirations, go ahead to paint it orange.


Tones of brown, seen as the earthy colour are perfect for bedrooms to reflect elegance. Different shades of brown might add warmth to the bedroom. Combining brown with a shade of white will be an add-on for your cozy bedroom decor.


In case you are impatient by nature, colouring your bedroom purple will infuse an equilibrium, compassion and dignity in the ambience. The colour is also known to have healing properties and will calm you down and help you shave a sound sleep. People suffering from anxiety are likely to get benefitted by a purple bedroom colour mainly because the colour likewise represents self-respect, poise, wealth and mercy.


Being the universal colour of love, pink enhances the feeling of togetherness and love. Having all of these properties in your bedroom is a great idea. All you just need to do is paint your wall pink! Vastu believes you can use pink in your master bedroom, if you are in a relationship or have got hitched. This can enhance the bond of love with your partner and spread a sense of warmth around you. Intimacy, creativity and joy go parallelly with the colour pink and is a great way to implement tones of pink for a happy life.

What is going to be your next bedroom colour?

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