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Bedroom Revival Plan on a Budget

The idea behind restoring the good ol’ grandiose of your bedroom without extravagance

Be it an occasion or the general boredom with the way your bedroom has been left on its own wayward and shoddy ways, here are a few low-budget ideas you should have up your sleeve

Add Zing to the Pillows

If bed constitute an essential part of the bedroom, zhush the pillows to bring about a quick makeover and take care of the essential. Plump the old pillows and wrap them with new pillow covers designed chic and colour-coordinated with the room. The idea should be to impart an aesthetic, high-end look to these cushions by opting for vivid, pop colours. Arrange the cushions systematically in the corners of the bedroom and on bed to amp up its vibe.

Choose a Corner for Heavy Styling

Instead of renovating the entire bedroom space, choose a quaint corner that has the highest potential for a creative outlet and design it. The strategy would save you immense resources if redoing the rooms are not your priority right now. Be it shelving, sculpting, painting or highlighting with lights and collectables, this makeover could be minimalistic or gaudy depending on the existing room décor. Be sure that this space complements the bedroom instead of willy-nilly blending in.

Keep it Minimal and Aesthetic 

Instead of adding new collectables or purchases to the room, try doing away with the things that make the room shoddy and congested. Too many props and paraphernalia squeezed into the room tend to asphyxiate it. Bringing some calm to the chaos is itself a notable change. As you reduce the number of knick-knacks, your bedroom not merely breathes but emanates a serene charm unmatchable by any extravagant renovation ideas.

Put up Mirrors in the Corners

Vintage mirrors or even plain mirrors can instantly charm up the space and enhance the splendour of the bedroom. Mirrors in silver, bronze and brass are readily available and can be set as props. Even DIY mirrors are pretty tranquil and pleasant to the eyes and are used as art pieces. In the process of decking the bedroom, you would certainly learn a few invaluable tricks of mirror work.

Redo the Bare Minimum by Adding Fresh Coat of Colours

To change the old pattern of colour contrast in the room could quicken the makeover process. All you need to do is decide on a new pair of colours for the walls and the paraphernalia the room has. This would bring about a warm and sombre change to the room.

Puja Sinha

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