Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Bedtime routines for babies

A regular baby bedtime routine helps your child sleep through the night and lays the foundation for good sleeping habits!

A baby bedtime ritual conveys to your child that it is time to relax and sleep. The best routine fits your family’s schedule and can be followed regularly, bridging the gap between a busy day and a peaceful night. These are the times when you are most relaxed and at ease with your child. Try these tips to set a sleepy tone for your baby.

Concentrate on feeding

Nobody sleeps well when their stomach is grumbling and feeding your infant around 15 minutes before they go to bed will help them go to sleep. Give your infant a bottle or breastfeed him or her. Some parents nurse their babies to sleep, while others put them to bed while they are still awake but drowsy. Many parents time this precisely before going o bed so that their child can sleep as long as possible without waking up for another feeding.

Release some tension

Before attempting to put your baby to sleep for the night, it can sometimes be helpful to let them release any pent-up energy. So feel free to get up and dance to their favourite music or if they are feeling frisky, let them bounce in the bouncer. It can be a nice initial step onwards bedtime as long as you follow up any boisterous play with something calmer and more sedate before they go to sleep.

Let them soak

A bath is one of the most well-liked components of numerous bedtime rituals. Getting your baby warm, clean and dry is a terrific way to ease them into the night. Sitting in warm water can be a calming experience. But it is usually best to exclude your infant from the bedtime ritual if they become excited during baths or don't like them. Baby baths should not be given more than three times a week, so do not feel guilty about skipping one.

Attend your business

Cleaning their teeth or cleaning their gums, changing diapers and putting on their pyjamas can all be included in your baby's bedtime routine. Starting the tooth brushing routine as early as possible will help your infant get acclimated to it.

Play a game

A terrific option to have some enjoyable time with your kid before bed is to play a quiet game with them in the living room or on the floor of their bedroom.

Even when you are only a few months old, good sleep planning is essential