Beginners guide to learning kick boxing

It is an art and an activity to stay fit and active

A stand-up combat sport, Kickboxing as the name suggests is based on kicking and punching. Though historically it was developed from karate mixed with boxing, over the years it has evolved as a sport and is also practiced for self-defense or general fitness. While the term kickboxing was introduced by a Japanese for a martial art that combined Muay Thai and karate, the term was also adopted by the American variant. So to understand better, kickboxing is a sport where two boxers fight in the ring and involve punches and strikes.

A quite self- disciplinary game in itself, kickboxing as a sport has its own sets of limitations and rules. The players need to hit each other with legal strikes to earn points and at times they can try to knock down each other. This sport teaches patience, self-defense and if you are looking for some fun physical activity that will also increase strength and coordination then kickboxing is the sport.

For any sport or dance, or when getting to learn some physical activity it is always important, to begin with, a warm-up. This routine of exercise is to bring the body into the rhythm of the workout to begin and activate the sleeping muscles. Doing warm-ups avoids any cramps or muscle pulls. Start by doing side steps, jumping, on the spot running, side stretches, and so forth.

Learning boxing out of Kickboxing
Get into the position of boxing by placing one foot ahead of the other with your hands in front of your face coordinated with the leg position. Here you turn your fists and your forearms like a shield, using your fists to generate force and impact in order to hit the opponent. There is no need to worry, boxing is intuitively natural so striking of the hands and hitting is easy.

Learning the kicking in kickboxing
In kicking you use your feet and shins as spears and swords. The common kicks used are called foot jabs, sidekicks, hook kicks, and heel hook kicks. Note that the fighting stance is different for Kicking than for Boxing. When kicking, remember to lean back more so one can reach and extend the legs when in the fighting stance.

Combining the kicks and punches
This is the part where you combine the kicks and the punches, formulating the very essence of kickboxing. Putting kicks and punches, together in a smooth manner and syncing the punches with the kicks and vice versa. However, it takes time and patience to combine the two and move in a rhythmic manner.

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