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Being Monica to your guests! Here’s how to set up table of your dreams

Inviting your friends for a get-together over the long weekend? Create a beautiful dinner setting by adding vibrant and lush prints to your plates.

A well-appointed table, which includes a variety of accessories such as linens and plates, can help strengthen a formal setting. However, if you don’t know how to set one up properly, it can be hard to maintain a beautiful table. A Google search can help you find the perfect table settings, whether it’s for a casual dinner party or for a definite occasion.

Choose the crockery according to the vibe

The type of dish that your family enjoys eating on will determine which type of china you should choose. If your food is simple use white country pottery. For formal events, opt for elegant tableware with a minimal palette and metallic accents. A well-designed tablescape can create the wow factor.

Having extra soup bowls can also be a great way to add more variety to the table. They can be used as serving dishes or salad bowls. Don’t miss out on the glasses. Choose designs that can be used to serve all kinds of beverages, regular traditional drinks, or a creative concoction.

Accessorizing your table with a dash of dram

The table covering can inspire the palate. Try different materials such as sheets, bed covers, or any material that can be sewn. Create dramatic and creative designs using the tablecloth. For instance, the Lacy table linens are a romantic touch. You can also miss the elaborate tablecloth concept and choose a basic runner, in case your space is limited.

An elegant centrepiece can also be used to enhance the formal setting. You can add candles and fresh greens to make the dining experience more enjoyable. Everyone would look better under lit candles.

Although vegetables and fruits can add a bit of colour and contrast to the table as they are easy to add, make sure that the objects are tightly packed. Also, avoid allowing objects to slip off or get distracted. Instead of using table mats, you can opt for large leaves.

Using cloth napkins can also bring a pop of colour to the table. Two sets of these featuring various patterns or colours can be arranged in rings. Although it’s a great idea to have fresh flowers on the table, make sure that they are not too big or they will act as a distraction for guests.

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