Benefits and uses of soapnuts

Imagine having a natural product that can totally replace your detergent? Yes, soapnut, which is considered as a natural cleanser has the abilities of a detergent and it has several other uses too. It is one of the oldest herbs found in the wild that is beneficial for the humankind. Let’s read more about the uses and advantages of soapnuts.

The tree of a soapnut takes around 9 years to grow but it has potential of giving soapnut berries for the next 90 years. You will be surprised to know that these berries are dried in the sun without any chemicals.  Soapnuts are generally found in a wild region and it is a rare herb but its benefits are miraculous. Although they are widely used as a cleaning agent, one can only remain in awe of their different advantages. Let’s talk about them.

Detoxifies the veggies – One of the most important benefits of using soapnuts is that they work as detoxifying agents. You can soak fruits and vegetables with soapnuts for 10 to 25 minutes and it will remove all the toxic chemicals that were used on them. Apart from this, soapnuts also make fruits soft. However, soapnutes should not be eaten as they will not detoxify your body.

Shampoo – You must have used a soapnut shampoo in some point of your life. Soapnut is quite popular as reetha in India and it is an ayurvedic agent that is present in many kinds of shampoo. Soapnut not only properly clean your hair, they also provide the required natural strength.

 Car wash – Whenever you take your car on road, it attracts dust. It is because the air around us is not clean and it contains several harmful particles. The dust and dirt present in the air makes the body of a car terrible and severely deteriorates it. If you are suffering from the same problem, you can use soapnut to wash your car. Soapnut will remove the toxic substances.

Shaving cream – Soapnuts are used in various shaving creams and after shave. It is because they are not sensitive to your skin and provides softness. You can make shaving cream from soapnuts are home by grinding their shell in a mixer and mixing it with olive oil. Similarly, you can make a face wash from soapnut. Just soak soapnuts for few hours and peel them. Mash their pulp with papaya and your face wash is ready at home within few minutes.

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, soapnuts can also be used as hair conditioner, insect repellent and to clean jewellery.

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