Benefits of activated charcoal for skin and hair

Don’t go by its colour but concentrate on its natural healing properties

Well the whole idea of covering the face with a pitch-black element is not very enticing. But with the growing fashion fads, the usage of activated charcoal has slowly taken over not only the fashion industry but also has become an important part of everyday beauty regime. What makes activated charcoal great is, its ability to attract dirt and toxins easily.

And not only facial cleanser, it is an excellent hair detox as well. It is made from regular charcoal and is activated by processing it at very high temperatures. This high temperature changes its internal structure, reducing the size of its pores and increasing the surface area. So it is this absorptive surface area that cleanses the skin deeply by extracting all the impurities and toxins from the skin.

Clears the skin out of impurities
Thanks to its spongy and binding properties, activated charcoal tends to clear skin and hair impurities extracting out all the dirt, skin oil, and dead skin cells making the skin appear clear and glowing. It also helps clear out clogged pores due to its ability to absorb impurities. Try and include activated charcoal in composition with your cleanser and notice your skin brighten up.

Treats acne
With the ability to attract impurities and deep clean the pores, activated charcoal sucks out the excess skin oil production combined with dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin that cause clogged pores. So when the skin gets clear of the dirt and keeps away the clogged pores, it doesn’t let bacteria built on it. Also because charcoal clears dirt out of the pores, they appear smaller in size.

Balances natural skin oil production
The charcoal has the supreme property of pulling out the unwanted excess natural skin without damaging and drying the skin surface. Preferably for people with oily skin type charcoal’s ability to remove oils helps skin reflect its natural shine.  But for people with dry and sensitive skin types, consider other skincare products.

Brightens the dull skin type
However, for people with dull or toned down skin type due to the building up of dead skin cells on top of the skin surface causes problems like dull, tired skin tone, charcoal rejuvenates the skin. Charcoal with the ability to remove toxins and absorb impurities gives the skin a glowing complexion.

Charcoal being a natural product has its various benefits despite seeming odd to apply. But it also helps in treating minor skin infections due to its anti-bacterial properties and heals blemishes and age spots anti-inflammatory properties.

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